• 07.10 - 28.10.2022


    The work “MAGNETIC” is inspired by underwater life structures merged with the
    fascination of magnetic collisions and fracturing. The inner shape attracts coloured glass particles that collide, shatter and fuse together on the outside leaving semi-melted floating glass on its surface. The sculptures interact with each other through its figuration and nuances. This process of glass magnetism creates infinite patterns and surfaces revitalizing the rigid nature of the material.

    This series is based on a larger research over the years on underwater life and its colours.

    “In the past two years I started focusing on new approaches of the outer surface life of glass. Challenging the material I’m assembling an object that redefines the conventional way of working with glass. The applied colours in multiple layers interfuse
    with the core of the object. This unique “glass - magnetism” of colliding, shattering and fusing particles makes each object and sculpture of this series unique.”

  • 17.09 - 25.09.2022


    Laurin Schaub creates functional porcelain objects with a deconstructive perspective on "materia prima" and "alchemy". He is inspired by the idea that nothing exists without being composed of small units and at the same time integrated into a larger whole.
    His poetic play with forms, structures and color opens up an abstract perspective on the aspect of the simultaneity of connectedness and being separate.