Georg Foster & Leonard Kraettli


Georg Foster and Leonard Krätlli met in 2022 when they both moved into the old police barracks in Zürich along with 17 individuals. This unique space and their common interest in materials and processes naturally lead them to collaborate. Georg Foster - Georg is a Swiss designer, with a Bachelor in Product Design from Central Saint Martins and a Master in Design for Luxury & Craftsmanship from ECAL. His practice focuses the re-use of surplus materials or one-off discarded pieces, employing sometimes unusual techniques to transform them into new objects. He cross-references processes from industry and fine craftsmanship, be it digital-manufacturing, sewing or traditional crafts such as wood turning and metal casting.
Leonard Krättli - Leonard, a trained carpenter from Chur, Switzerland, moved to Zurich after his apprenticeship to pursue his BA studies in Arts & Media, specialising in Photography. In 2019, he started working as a self-employed furniture builder and designer, creating both bespoke furniture and larger scale interior spaces. Working on projects of various scopes, Leonard runs his own studio in Zurich and is currently enrolled at the HGK in Basel in the Master’s program in experimental design.