01.03 - 04.04.2020

Floating Lines

The lines in „Floating Lines“ series are created by repeatedly folding glass, with the end result consisting of a collage of patterns within the multiplying layers. The patterns within are often so intricate they look as though they could have been designed digitally, but they are in fact made with practices dating back to the
middle ages. I’ve expanded upon ancient techniques to create a new approach in which graphical patterns are made by hand, creating complimentary layers the way a 3D printer might, while leaving open the possibility for chance. The similarities between modern 3D printers and the analog method of glassblowing are striking, each creating graphic patterns with a remarkable sense of depth.

Opaque colored lines float in the transparent material without touching each other, while the clear glass reveals lines that continuously appear and reappear within its depth, creating the sense of multiple surfa- ces interacting with one another. . The ultimate goal of my work is to create a tridimensional image within the transparency of the glass, calling to mind the structure of a three dimensional printed piece.
A conversation between the tradition and future of glass craft and design.

Floating Lines by Jonas Noël Niedermann