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Tech Craft

6MM is an interactive installation created in collaboration with Abet, a leading manufacturer of decorative laminates.
Abet’s extensive research on high-pressure laminates (HPLs) led to the creation of DIAFOS, the first translucent laminate made of pressed cellulose sheets.
The designers’ intuition to use the surface as a capacitive element reinterprets the material as an icon of a near future, where space and information intersect, and design and technology become one.

A 5 mm thick translucent and tactile plate is back-milled to include an LED element and a reprogrammable printed circuit board connected to an extra-large touch dimmer. The material is milled to a minimum thickness of 0.6 mm (the ideal thickness to allow direct electrical conduction between the two sides), thus making the surface capacitive. The slab becomes a luminous monolith on the wall capable of interacting with the surrounding space and its interlocutor, revealing its interior only if activated. A first glimpse of what the future of smart surfaces could be.

Panel 1
900 ✕ 600 ✕ 85 mm

Panel 2
900 ✕ 600 ✕ 85 mm

DIAFOS HPL (High pressure laminate), 5 mm thickness,
Soft Touch, Pink, Grey
LED strip, touch dimmer, PCB, transformer