Out of the Woodworks

April 6, 1997. The mesmerizing choreography of Zidane and Simone dancing in striped costumes. It was a day that saw Juventus officially rubber-stamp their superiority over Milan as the tectonic plates shifted within Serie A. 6-0. A bad day at the office for Milan.

Sport has always been a formidable vector of emotion, a collective exploration of happiness, hope, and anger. The passion that unites us around these performances is fascinating. Here in Italy, people thrill to football.

We wanted to pay tribute to the wave of emotion that was shared that night and to the ballet of flying color stripes. To the black, and red, and white.

“To broken dreams and new beginnings.”

Dimensions: 60 × 56 ×h 76 cm
Materials: Maple, Bamboo and Mahogany
This project was supported by a grant from Ikea Foundation Switzerland.