Renaud Defrancesco


Out of the Woodworks

Conceiving furniture as an object of experimentation, both temporary and virtuous: that’s the inventive approach taken by Renaud Defrancesco Studio in creating the Briket stool. The Briket stool is an innovative work centered around reusing wood waste, specifically sawdust. Not only is sawdust produced in large quantities, but it also has various recycled applications, including wood pellets used for heating. Therefore, Renaud Defrancesco envisioned a piece of furniture where the function of stool is merely a transitory state, preceding the entire combustion of its elements. Built with nine legs, and devoid of chemical additives or metal components, the Briket stool can be fully recycled through fire for heating.

In a world facing energy challenges and environmental concerns, the Briket stool serves as a reminder of our responsibility to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency. The Briket stool utilizes wood waste to create a furniture that is not only environmentally friendly but also 100% recyclable through combustion. The manufacturing process of the Briket stool is both simple and environmentally neutral. Wood waste is compressed alongside potatoes, another natural component produced in excess by the food industry. About thirty tests were necessary to achieve the optimal combination, resulting in a material with consistent strength. Beyond being an experimental and innovative piece of furniture, the Briket stool can also be produced directly where wood waste is abundant: in sawmills, carpentry shops, and workshops dealing with large quantities of wood. All it takes is a press to manufacture the stools on-site, giving wood waste a second life before its third and final use as fuel.

Dimensions: 29 × 29 × H 43 cm
Materials: Sawdust & Potato starch