Laurent Divorne

Carrière & Lizzatura

I Dream of Luxury

Is luxury the craftsmanship involved in the transformation of a material, or is it the material itself? It is in reflection on this theme that my two lamps were imagined. My aim was to show that luxury depended on the material used and not on the know-how. In these two lamps the expertise of the craftsman is mainly done on the metal part of the lampshade, yet the part that reflects the concept of luxury is the marble which is hardly manipulated. The independence of the marble from the metal structure is required because if the marble is replaced by a less noble material, the luxury concept disappears. In my eyes, luxury lies in the material itself and not the know-how.

Dimension Carrière: 64 × 40 cm, base of 10 cm
Dimension Lizzatura: 30 × 42 × 15 cm
Materials: Carrara Marble and Blackened Steel.