Thevoz & Choquet

Cast Brass

I Dream of Luxury

Luxury sustains an undeniable relationship with time: timeless and unalterable. From a physical perspective, this series of humble-shaped objects tackle a strong symbolic related to time’s passing. The polished brass pieces are half-casted in transparent resin blocs, allowing for time to act upon one side through natural oxydation and preserving the other side through time. Beyond its functionality which is free to determine, this series of objects calls upon the contemplation of something trapped between two timelines, translating in a poetic manner, the passage of time.

Piece A: 200 × 60mm
Piece D: 450 × 60 × 60mm
Piece E: 200 × 100 × 50mm
Piece F: 130 × 60 × 40mm
Materials: Brass and Transparent Resin