Gabriel Hafner

Design isn’t always about drawing

Out of the Woodworks

Alex Nguyen and Gabriel Hafner explore the world of old-fashioned wooden furniture, often forgotten in attics, abandoned in antique shops, or left on the streets. Despite reflecting authentic craftsmanship and often being of superior quality compared to composite wood furniture, its popularity has not matched its craftsmanship for quite some time now.

The idea of finding new, useful forms from old ones, with minimal intervention, guides this design exercise. The aim is to preserve the character and history of each item collected while giving it a new perspective, both aesthetically and practically. In the case of these chairs, the naïve combinations that comprise their design speak to a world saturated with objects, where sometimes it’s better to use a roll of tape than a pen.

Chair 1: 50 × 59 × H 86 cm
Chair 2: 48 × 45 × H 68 cm
Materials: Various wood essences