Scheidegger Pauli


Out of the Woodworks

_KGCO2 presents a series of domestic objects aimed to highlight the carbon dioxide stored in wood.

Sourced from a sawmill, the wood, originally cut-offs from construction beams and typically destined for burning, would release carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. However, transforming these beams into functional furniture enables the material to retain its inherent CO2 for years to come.

The pyrolised surface, protects the wood from degradation while exposing the inherent carbon and valuing the materials aesthetic qualities.
Symbolising the intent of binding carbon dioxide, the objects are bound and secured by stainless steel belts, with the respective objects exact CO2 content inscribed upon them.

Stool 20 × 20× H 33 cm
Low table 33 × 40 × H 43 cm
Materials Solid spruce wood
This project was supported by a grant from Ikea Foundation Switzerland.