Clément Brazille


I Dream of Luxury

“No human society has ever ignored the mask”

I define luxury as symbolic and I have chosen the mask for its role as a cultural, socio political, economic and playful symbol throughout human history. MASKS is a mural installation in ceramics. It represents a set of plates that have been turned over. It is on those back plates that we discover the range of enamels and metallics usually reserved for the front of a setting. The visual expression of MASK is unique to each piece. It is a source of inquiry and an invitation to contemplation. These MASKS unveil the unexpected by changing our perception of looking for what is on the other side. Limited edition of 3 unique signed and numbered pieces.

Dimensions: 1100 × 1600 × 30 mm
Materials: Stoneware, Metallic Lustre, Gold, Platinum and Black Enamel.