Amandine Gini & Victor Moynier


Paper Trail

OFFSET is a collection of lamps exploring ecological and aesthetic alternatives for the production of objects in line with current environmental constraints. Using compostable air packaging used in the transport industry, the collection is designed around an inflatable paper structure.

The starting point of our project, the paper used is laminated with a natural PLA & cellulose film which allows to maintain a constant air pressure over time. The material is entirely bio-based and compostable. The lamps are shipped flatpack and inflated at home, reducing shipping costs and packaging volume. Designed for disassembly, each component of the lampshade can be dismantled (thanks to magnets or screws fixture) and recycled or repurposed separately.

PLA coated paper, LED strip

Table Light (1 exemplaire)
515 × 680 × 250 mm

Wall Light (1 exemplaire)
520 × 730 × 150 mm

Suspension Light (1 exemplaire)
570 × 820 × 100 mm