Léa Debernardi


Paper Trail

Poppins is a table lamp hand-moulded from a material made of recycled paper specially developed for this project.

Inspired by a mixture developed in the 19th century by decorators to make mass-produced ornaments, this new material is mostly made of recycled paper, to which is added Champagne chalk and linseed oil.

Numerous tests have revealed its possibilities and led to a moulding process based on its malleability. The resulting pa- per pulp is shaped by hand and then pressed into 3D printed moulds. Once dry, it becomes lighter, stronger and takes on a stone-like appearance. Each piece is unique, with a linear texture that varies from one piece to another.

Each piece is unique, the light brings out the lines of the texture which vary from one piece to another.

Limited edition of numbered pieces

Paper, champagne chalk, LED bulb with dimmer

L: 13cm H: 16cm (Small)
L: 16cm H: 19cm (Medium)