Noelani Rutz

SEN Vases

Tech Craft

3D printing is used as a fast way to materialise virtual modalisations. It is a time, cost and effort efficient way to make mock ups. Yet, its application hardly ever goes beyond this stage, which is why I am taking this technology to directly produce the final object. Urushi is a lacquering technique and precious tradition that has been used over several centuries in Japan. Traditionally it is applied on wood but actually it can be applied on any material, wich is an ideal start to a dialogue between digital technologies and analogue craftsmanship. Not only giving a highly lustrous and desirable look, but also reinforcing and protecting the material, the lacquer is applied directly on the 3D print. To underline the beauty variety of black Urushi, three different kinds are applied to the vases, ranging from matte to glossy. For this series of vases I worked with Salome Lippuner, an in Japan trained urushi lacquer artisan. Sen, meaning “line”, is not only referring to the horizontal levels created by the 3D printing but also the reflections on the dark material of the organic shaped body that observed from a far, start to dance.

3D printed PLA, Urushi Lacquer
370 ✕ 140 ✕ 140 mm