Léa Debernardi


Tech Craft

Slittino is an indoor bench, made of maple wood produced in the canton of Jura. It has been selected for “Tech Craft”, a NOV Gallery project which questions the links between craftsmanship and digital tool.

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines are proving to be the most widespread numerical tools in Swiss joinery and cabinet making. Yet they are not generally used to produce large and complex pieces of furniture because of the cost and time involved. Research into shapes that are difficult for a cabinet maker to make without the help of a CNC led to the design of Slittino. It is inspired by the traditional sledge, streamlined along fluid and organic lines.

Slittino is the result of a complementary manufacturing process: numerical tooling (CNC machining carried out by a cabinet-maker) and craftsmanship (preparation of solid wood boards, assembly with traditional wood joints, sanding and oil finishing). It is a short circuit production process, showcasing the local know-how, very common in Switzerland.

Swiss solid maple wood

1100 ✕ 600 ✕ 420 mm