Egli Studio

Temps Libre

I Dream of Luxury

We believe luxury lies at the heart of human intervention when transforming, sublimating and refining a material. Thanks to this process, an object will acquire more value versus more functionality as it becomes an expression of craftsmanship and human intervention requiring the heart and soul of a person during a long period of time. The project Temps Libre brings forth the contrast between a massive foundry base and a highly refined delicate guilloché surface. We chose a watchmaking decorative detail as a point of reference in the semantics of luxury. The metal takes on a more precious role. Its shine reflects the many shades of light and suddenly this object takes on a new function. One that embodies the true elegance of luxury. The name Temps Libre or Free Time is in reference to a watch dial devoid of its hands or any reference to time thereby allowing one the true luxury of contemplation with no defined function.

Large: 9.5 × Ø 10.5 cm
Medium: 7.5 × Ø 10.5 cm
Small: 5.5 × Ø 10.5 cm
Materials: Brass, Anodised Casted Aluminum