Gabriel Hafner

Towards A Weak Architecture

Paper Trail

“Towards a weak architecture” started with a reflection on combining bee wax with paper. By simply folding paper and sealing it with wax, like it used to be done on letters, a brick made mostly of air, a bit of paper and a drop of beeswax is created. The airtight bricks happen to be a good insulator, for both sound and temperature, which means that, except holding structures, the walls have real walls properties. With very little material, one can now build separating structures, scenography, and to a certain extent, objects. Both, the symbolic and the application to aambivalence of such a vulnerable wall and simply made, yet offering an actual use, caught my attention. The title is a reference to the “pensiero debole” of Gianni Vattimo and the concept of “weak modernity” to which Andrea Branzi’s writing often refers to.

Paper, Beeswax

Screen 205 L × H 20cm
Semicircular wall 180 × H 200 cm