Peter Fink


With a workshop established near Ependes-Fribourg in Switzerland, Peter Fink is an artisan potter whose work centers primarily on ceramic making for tableware and interior design envisioned for daily use.

Apart from his own production of ceramics, stamped POTSFINK, Peter Fink collaborates regularly with artists, designers and architects.
In the last 30 years, his collaborations have ranged from designers to artists to illustration with some of today’s greatest names in each field. Most notably in the design field with Memphis Milano, Alfredo Häberli and Christophe Marchand. In art with Claudia Comte, Chantal Michel or Alois Lichtsteiner. And finally in illustration with Frederic Aeby, Albin Christen or Francois Berthoud. On the other hand, Peter Fink always makes room to work with students and young emerging Swiss designers looking to acquire the craft of ceramic making. Their collaboration is often successful in the realization of projects, sometimes leading to surprising results along the way.

Peter fink also teaches in many art schools in Vevey and Berne in addition to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

As a ceramic expert, Peter Fink has collaborated with Swisscontact and the Zürich University of the Arts as a ceramic consultant and adviser in the development cooperation.