Peter Fink
Josefina Muñoz


I Dream of Luxury

My understanding of luxury is one of research for a new aesthetic in artisanal production, where the past and the present meet as a result of designers and craftsmen motivated to share their expertise and knowledge in order to defy their limits. The point of departure for this project was a cracked surface that I discovered while visiting the workshop of the world renowned Swiss ceramist Peter Fink. Normally considered a flaw, I decided to highlight it. For the Atacama project, I applied the cracked texture on a vertical surface thereby pushing the limits of this technique further. These prototypes are a showcase for the precision of the craftsman’s technique controlling the size of cracks for each piece, thereby rendering every piece unique The fragile appearance of the technique bestows each piece with the invaluable notion of the ability of ceramic making to continually surprise us to this day.

Large: 600 × 320 cm
Medium: 450 × 260 cm
Small: 310 × 300 cm
Materials: Ceramic Glaze