Valentin Dubois

A Chair With Table Legs (CWTL)

Out of the Woodworks

The CWTL chair, named “A chair with table legs”, is a timeless seat designed for interior spaces. Made from re-used table legs, each piece of wood tells a unique story, adding depth and character to the chair. CWTL humbly reinvents the classic chair to create a recognisable yet surprising silhouette. Like an « cadavre exquis », the design has been influenced by recuperated raw material. All the table legs are meticulously selected, cut, shaped and assembled by hand. From the same source of materials, different compositions of a chair can be done, creating a subtle and familiar coherence, which could become a long family line.

With the support of l’Upcyclerie Genève.

Dimensions: 55 × 55 × H 80 cm
Materials: 100% re-used wood.
Combination of various types of solid wood.