Laure Gremion


The New Readymades

Céleste is a chandelier which makes use of the led strip’s flexibility. This luminous ribbon is commonly applied and glued to a stiff surface. Céleste to the contrary highlights its flexibility. Feather-like loops intertwine and design a light shade that shines with a warm glow. The diodes, placed at regular intervals remind us of the crystals of bygone chandeliers.

A suspension is built from one or two modules which depending on their placement, influence the curve, shape and size of the lamp. Adaptable to any interior, céleste lends itself equally well to an entrance hall or a dining room.

120 × 110 × 19 cm
60 × 120 × 32 cm
60 × 120 × 38 cm

Materials: Black thermo-lacquered Aluminium, LED Strips, Polyamide joints, Electric cable, Power supply 160 W