Virage Studio

Grand Prix

The New Readymades

Grand prix is a mirror-based project composed of four pieces, inspired from the automobile industry.

Rearview mirrors are unique to their vehicles, in that they are defined by their brands and follow a certain logic in their production.

By isolating this component, we realized that in itself, it reflects the esthetic complexity of the automobile industry. Only by decontextualizing rearview mirrors, were we able to highlight the variety of outlines and curves it possesses.

Instead of re-adapting existing manufactured pieces, we used 3D models, available in open source through the Internet. Contemporary design tools thus allowed us to modify these pieces before their production. The pieces were then printed in 3D and painted by a coachbuilder.

The collection presently covers the whole automobile spectrum, ranging from generic commercial automobiles to high-end luxury vehicles.

BMW: 250 × 200 × 140 mm
Fiat: 260 × 190 × 100 mm
VW Polo: 200 × 160 × 120 mm
Dacia: 270 × 150 × 110 mm
Materials: ABS plastic, mirror, Polyurethane foam