Panter & Tourron


Future Artefact

The Holy project is the reflection of the designers’ fascination towards the world of technology and its value in our lives. The research has been triggered by the intersection between the new post-internet society’s values and the ones rooted in pre-digital world. Panter & Tourron have designed a series of objects that carry the intrinsic visual characteristics of contemporary consumer electronics yet reimagined as a series of symbolic religious objects. Like a tech object stripped from its original purpose, they are empty vessels open to interpretations.

Each object in the series represents one's passage into various spiritual phases: the act of joining in (becoming a be- liever), the purification ritual, the offerings to the gods and finally the communication with them until the farewell of the afterlife.

In this project, technology is used and understood as a shared and universally adopted set of rules, to unify recurrent rites and religious symbolism that commonly illustrate the journey of an individual towards a spiritual path.

Ø 80 × 10mm
Aluminum Anodized (Black), Rubber Cord

Ritual Carafe
150 × 222 × 30mm
Polymer, Shiny Coating (Black)

Votive Altar
314 × 83 × 25mm
Aluminum Anodized (Black,Dark Grey)

Incense Burner
102 × 166 × 50mm
Aluminum Anodized (Black)

Ø 150 × 150 mm
Aluminum Anodized (Black,Dark Grey)