Fanny Dupanloup


The New Readymades

It all started with a keen interest in vintage tableware ceramics and glasses. As containers, they are the support of the food they contain and their part in the presentation is essential. Little by little, objects that hold specific qualities are collected with the purpose of establishing a library of shapes and textures as a reference base.

The initial intention is to materialize the vacuum created by the stacking of two different objects where properties of both parts are merged to create a unique piece and the combination of each volume offers a contrasting form that is both generous and finite. Where the two volumes disappear, the edges become brittle. In the end, the research leads to our most interesting pieces by playing on different assemblies and stamping.

The project is made of white bone china slightly translucent in order to highlight the original textures and volumes.

Dimensions: Various
Materials: Porcelain