Salim Douma & Victor Guittet


Future Artefact

With physical and virtual keyboards, handwriting is disappearing from our environment and seems very singular now in virtual world. Our contemporary communication tools (emails, tweets, sms... ) do not allow us to write by hand and do not bring the unique and personal touch, which is a part of the message. 

How do we convey the diversity of our identities through new media? 

This stylus preserves the gesture of writing, considering it as a skill and a savoir-faire we need to learn, keep and teach. We are not technophobe and we believe handwriting is not an anachronism in the 21st century. We designed the stylus as a witness of the cultural and technical transition we are living in to bring handwritting back into modern life.

Dimensions: 51 × 12mm
Materials: Gold, silver or copper plated brass