Renaud Defrancesco

Table Signs

Future Artefact

Known to all contemporary societies, road signage has become a key element of today's traffic language. Thanks to their simple and clear graphics, these tools allow you to understand what to do or not to do. Nonetheless, with the arrival of autonomous cars, road signage will gradually disappear and be relegated to artefacts. As such, I redesigned the graphics of these road signs by attenuating their precise lines and re-contextualized these pieces as SIGN tables.

By revisiting the manufacturing process of these signs, their standard shapes, the primary material "enamel" as well as their clear and colorful graphics, the Sign tables are future artefacts as they define a key moment in our civilization. The technique of enameling on metals is updated and applied to a new concept of furniture. Benefitting from the fantastic properties of this coating technique, the Sign coffee table resists much of the wear and tear of everyday life. Scratch-resistant, UV resistant, easy to clean and offering colors of unparalleled vibrancy, this new coffee table is unique, refined and durable. It is an object full of history that will travel in time.

Ø 664 × 420mm (big)
Ø 464 × 450mm (small)

Materials: Enamel, steel, wood and aluminium