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The Locked Objects

The New Readymades

The locked objects series is a personal reinterpretation of a universal archetype’s function: the bike padlock. Its geometric design is generously contemporary and its function quite obvious. Why would this kind of shape lock bikes exclusively? From this standpoint and keeping in mind both the original aesthetic and purpose of this existing object, we transposed it into another category: domestic furniture. The symbolic behind locking an object conveys the ideas of assembly, sturdiness and safety, which is what we wanted to translate by designing a glass shelf; fragile at first sight but securely assembled with the help of 2 padlocks. A ready-made object for a steady-made product.

Shelf: 1000 x 320 x 240 mm
Console: 1600 x 328 x 240 mm

Materials: Tinted float glass, powder coated aluminium