Panter & Tourron


The New Readymades

As designers nowadays we believe readymade means not only giving a second life to an object, but making something ordinary become extraordinary, shifting the context of its application. For this project we decided to use corrugated sheets, a product largely used in the architectural environment both as structural and isolation material. These sheets, available in different dimensions, materials and colors, have became an iconic wall and roof coverings. From contemporary architecture to shantytowns, this product have iconically characterized the architectural aesthetic of our surroundings.

Moving the context from the architectural scale to the design’s one, we are using the product as a material itself, exploiting its amazing structural proprieties and iconic appearance.
We have designed a whole range of furniture using the aluminum corrugated sheets intended for the indoor. Each surface is polished, anodised, lacquered or matched with marble, transforming a common and inexpensive product to a luxurious one, still maintaining its original proprieties.

Screen: 1200 x 1800 x 250 mm
Stool: 430 x 430 x 430 mm
Bench: 1600 x 430 x 430 mm

Materials: Corrugated aluminum sheets, Marble