Manon Portera & Cecile-Diama Samb


Manon Portera and Cecile-Diama Samb met at the University of Art and Design, Geneva during their interior design studies. They qualified for their diploma in June 2015. Manon left for Brussels to work with Lhoas & Lhoas and Rotor. Cécile-Diama decided to move to Amsterdam to collaborate with Inside Outside and RAAAF.

Alongside their respective occupations, they decided to work together on projects that look at combining the relevant scales between furniture and interior spaces. They both shared a particular interest for experimenting with different materials.

Their idea was, in each of their projects, to use materials in an unexpected way in an attempt to comprehend the constructional and formal limits of a given material, and with an aim to innovate and move away from the standard uses or functionalities.

Today they are based in Stockholm and Amsterdam.