Manon Portera & Cecile-Diama Samb

Foam Me

The New Readymades

Foam me is derived from a fascination with a particular material - polyurethane foam. It is generally used in the field of construction, but it is more commonly associated with objects of daily use, such as sofas or mattresses. Despite its intrinsic qualities and many uses, this material is usually never seen.

The unique pieces of furniture FOAM ME are therefore developed using mainly this material, and aim to show the incredible potential it has. Nowadays, the marketplace mostly offers rather standard pieces of furniture that generally only serve one function; a chair or a stool on which to sit, a table on which to write or work, a shelf on which to store one’s books ... Very rarely, one may come across a piece of furniture which presents several different functions in one unique object.

Using this observation as a starting point, FOAM ME was developed as a series of pieces of furniture that can be positioned in different ways. It can be placed on different sides offering new ways of use according to the needs of each person. In order to accentuate this aspect, the pieces have an abstract shape; they have been freed of conventional dictates, and can be interpreted by each user as he sees fit. FOAM ME is a series of objects made principally of blocs and layers of recycled polyurethane that are easily assembled, thanks to the steel construction components.

49 × 49 × 76.5 cm
20 × 50 × 50 cm

Polyurethane Foam